We are running Strength and Conditioning training in 6 week blocks from 27 April to 12 October. This will allow people to not pay/train over the semester break if they don’t want to.

The S&C Sessions run on Thursdays at 6:30AM and lasts for an hour.

The costs are as follows:

  • Free for ANUCC members who have joined the gym
  • $20 for each 6 week block for students
  • $30 for each 6 week block for non-students
  • $60 for each block for non-ANUCC members

You can sign up for S&C sessions below.

Note for Non-Members: You need to sign up for the “S&C for Non-Members” when you are asked to sign up for a membership level first, this creates an account on our website, but does not give you a valid membership. Afterwards you can pay for the S&C training.

 Students  Non-Students  Non-Members
Block 1

27 April – 1 June

 Block 2

8 June – 13 July

 Block 3

20 July – 31 August

 Block 4

7 September – 12 October